Sunday, 19 May 2013

Y4 Egyptian Day

As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic, Year 4 travelled back in time to the busy marketplace of Thebes, in the Street of the Dead.   Dressed in their Egyptian finery, the children (and parents) became traders and apprentice craftsmen for the morning, and could be seen busy at their tasks of scribing, making clay charms, carving scarabs and crushing olives to make oil for their small clay lamps.  With a new Pharaoh in charge (Akhenaten – father of Tutankhamen), there was also plenty for the apprentices to gossip about around the crowded stalls!
In the afternoon, the school hall was transformed into a Royal Palace and preparations were made for the Festival of the Nile.  King Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti were entertained by a group of actors, dancers and petitioners.  In between the performances, the slaves delivered various courses of a magnificent banquet, with servings of bread, cheese and fruit, washed down by a silver goblet of fine ‘red wine’ (blackcurrant cordial in reality!).  
Asked about their day, Sarah and Grace were both in agreement that “The whole of the day was really exciting and lots of fun!”
“Brilliant!” said Frankie, “Can we do this every week?”

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