Saturday, 28 March 2015

Southend Catholic Deanery Hot Cross Run

On Tuesday afternoon children from Years 3 to 6 took part in the annual Southend Deanery Catholic Primary Schools Hot Cross Run at St. Thomas More High School. It was a fabulous afternoon and we were blessed with perfect weather conditions.  The children from all seven schools were superb competitors and great sports, running their hearts out, right to the very end.    A special mention must go the following children:

Louie (3H/M0 ~ silver medal winner in the Year 3 boys race
Alex (5S) ~ bronze medal winner in the Year 5 boys race
Keira (5S) ~ silver medal winner in the Year 5 girls race  
Bethany (6R) ~ silver medal winner in the Year 6 girls race

A big WELL DONE to every child for taking part ~ you are all SUPERSTARS because every single point that you earned made a difference to our total score.  Our Lady of Ransom came 2nd in the Year 3 boys, 2nd in the Year 5 boys, 2nd in Year 5 girls and 2nd in the Year 6 girls competitions.  Your determination and those superb last minute sprints were fabulous and earned us 2nd place overall!  

A big WELL DONE to Mrs Williams, Mrs Shane and Mrs Smith for preparing the children so well and a big THANK YOU to Mrs Bishop and Mrs Copley for all your help during the afternoon.  THANK YOU also to all of the parents for your support and for all of the transportation back and forwards.  Finally, a big THANK YOU to St Thomas More and St Bernard’s High Schools for a wonderful afternoon of Catholic sport.

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