Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Year 3 Group Visit Olympic Park

On Wednesday, ten of our Year 3 pupils travelled by train to the Olympic Park.  They had a fabulous day at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre where they took part in hockey and tennis coaching sessions and were lucky enough to be able to play on the 2012 Paralympic pitches and courts.  This is what the children thought of their day:

“We played hockey which was good and tennis which was really cool”.  
“I enjoyed the hockey because we were able to play where they did the Olympics”.  
“I enjoyed the tennis because it was new to me and I was surprised how good I was at it”.  
“My favourite part of the day was when we played tennis and 
there were three schools and we beat them all!”

Charlotte, Sam, Ryan, Louie, Lily-Ann (3H/M)  Brandon, Finlay, Poppy, Holly, Laoise (3R).

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