Tuesday, 5 July 2016

District Sports Champions 2016!


  1. Message from a year 6 parent:-

    As a parent of a year 6 OLOR child I was fortunate enough to be able (with some ducking & diving!) to be able to attend all 3 sporting events this week (District sports, swim gala & Catholic sports). I am truly amazed at what I witnessed & it was not just about the winning, although the triple is superb!!! I was humbled by the amount of talented children we have at OLOR and those who gave it their all. There were worried tears from some who didn't know what to expect & proud smiles from those who had represented the school before. There are three overriding memories I have the first being the absolute joy that the children took in one another's activity, win or not, alongside the fact that they all looked after each other, older kids minding the younger ones and taking eachother under their wings. The second is the wonderful relationship they all had with their sports teachers and the fact that the children were supported and encouraged every step of the way. The third is the unbridled pride that everyone, children, teachers & parents take in being part of the OLOR school and family. THAT is second to none & something I will miss when my daughter leaves in a few short weeks. So children & teachers stand up & take a bow for all the wonderful memories you have made this week. I thank you xx

  2. Following on from the above, our grandson is in Reception Class and we can't speak highly enough about the school. We feel very fortunate that he got a place. His teacher is amazing the way she's prepared him for this transition to the next class. Wonderful school. You should be so proud of your amazing achievement xx